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"The Rock Blind"

"The Rock Blind"


This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a signed and numbered limited edition of 175 prints. It comes framed and matted in an 11x12 wood frame as shown.

  • Artist's Comments

    This small painting is one of my favorites.  It is a portrayal of my father and his hunting companion “Stormy”.  Dad is up to his best trying to outfox the late season Goldeneyes, or as we often called them “whistlers” on his favorite rock blind on Maple Point.  Each season we would pile more rocks from the beach there and we had a nice little blind out of the natural surrounding cover.  During the winter months the ice would take the rocks back out a bit and each fall we would pile them up again to make the little blind.  The birds loved to pass by that point and it was always a fun time during the late season.  Many a fine day was spent there watching and waiting.  This particular day I choose to use the late warm colors of a fading November day, cold yet still reflecting the warm yellow rays of the sun.  Dad and dog did well on this point, getting their limit the many times they were there.  It was always a pleasure to watch his Weimaraner, Stormy, make those long retrieves from the blind.  Dad only put out a few decoys, and then in close to shore, which seemed to work magic, as the birds flocked to them easily and our shooting was always clean and close.  For me this little painting will always hold many fond memories of my days spent together with stormy and Dad on the point doing what we both loved best.  I hope those of you who collect this will enjoy the thought and story behind it.

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