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"The Howling", Wolf

"The Howling", Wolf


This is a giclee reproduction of the original acrylic, by Daniel F. Heuer. It comes framed and matted, as shown, in a limited signed and numbered edition of 175 prints. Frame size is approximately 11" x 14".

Original available

  • Artist's Comments

    As another day draws to an end, it is announced by the distinctive howling of a lone Wolf, silhouetted against a warm sun set from high above the mountain top.  From his perch upon high, he has the ability to see all around him as he calls to the pack to let them know, he is on watch with his call upon the wind.  Stealth by nature, his silhouette against the sky line is the only thing that gives his position away to anything that should fear him.  It is a beautiful “stand still moment in time”, a moment of peace and tranquility, as yet another day has passed in the life of this woodland warrior.  He represents a small piece of all of us who walk the earth, that part of us which wants to be known as we reach out to be heard on each new day which draws to an end.  I hope that those of you who enjoy this scene as much as I did in trying to create it, feel something that stirred within you as you viewed it.

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