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"The Great Truth" - Crucifixion

"The Great Truth" - Crucifixion

  • Artist's Comments

    In preparation for the painting of The Great Truth, I traveled to Jerusalem, Israel.  I believe this to be the center of religion for the entire world.  Here I walked the Holy Land where Jesus walked.  I gazed upon the hills and valleys He gazed upon and was close to where He lived and taught.  This feeling of the Holy Land is hard to explain; I can only say I felt a deep awe and awareness, which prompted me to research and prepare my ideas.  I completed on location sketches and from these formulated my thoughts as best I could.  This journey to Jerusalem, has given the painting credibility, from the standpoint that the best research that one could do has in fact been done by me.  But more importantly it helped me to attain that special feeling all artist need to spur the energy of creativity and become one with the creation before them.  Standing on the wall around the old city of Jerusalem, slightly to the right of the Damascus gate, I gazed upon the hill called Calvary, or Golgotha- “the place of the skull”. From this experience, I endeavored to transfer what I had seen in Israel to the canvas.  This was the greatest challenge of my life and artistic career.

    Looking now upon my own creation, I become completely humbled.  I sincerely believe that I was merely the instrument used to bring forth this interpretation, for I had not an idea that equals the finished painting.  I will always know and believe this.  I feel I simply held the brushes, letting the process of artistic creation flow, yet deeply knowing and feeling the presence of my Creator.  I was completely engulfed in this need and acceptance of guidance.  I asked and prayed for help as the painting progressed.  At times it seemed my tears flowed as heavily as the paint.  This was how I learned of myself, and the gift I have been blessed with, this was how my canvas was born.   After signing the original, I put the inscription “TO GOD THE GLORY”.  If all else is forgotten, these words will remain forever as my testimony and belief for this creation.  For I have humbly said and given “to God the glory”.  I would never try to interpret my canvas on paper, for my feelings and emotions have already done so through my brushes.  I pray that a special and sincere message will surface; that this visual pleasure will become each person’s own interpretation, bringing one a little closer to ones own beliefs and creator.  I believe I have endeavored to make this painting to show the glory of the heavens and the promise of peace, forgiveness, and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He paid the price of His own blood, thereby fulfilling the scriptures, and taking all the sins of mankind upon Himself.  The rays of Gods eternal light rained down upon the cross and all the earth, as His grace and love poured out upon us all.  I personally gained immeasurably throughout this entire experience.  I pray that each of you who are exposed to this painting will also gain peace and understanding from this visual message and promise.  For as Jesus said:  “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  As you look upon this interpretation, I pray you will feel the presence of our Lord and take a brief moment to gather in His name as your eyes carry over this picture.  I pray you will gain spiritual strength, while your feelings, thoughts, and emotions are released as you are viewing this-“The Great Truth" may God Bless All of You --Daniel Frederick Heuer

    The following are references to the number seven within the bible:  SEVEN, (Sevens-Seventh), 1.  Gen 7:2- Take with you seven of every kind;   2.  Josh 6:4- March around the city seven times;   3. 1KI 19:18- Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel;   4. Pr 6:16- Seven that are detestable to him.  24:16- A righteous man falls seven times;   5.  Isa 4:1- In that day seven women;   6. Da 9:2- comes there will be seven sevens.  7. Mt 18:21- “Up to seven times” Jesus answered.  8. Lk 11:26- takes seven other spirits more wicked.  9.  Ro 11:4- for myself seven thousand who have not. 10.  Rev 1:4- to the seven churches in the province; 6:1- opened the first of the seven seals; 8:2- and to them were given seven trumpets; 10:4- and when the seven thunders spoke;  15:7- to the seven angles seven golden bowls filled.   SEVENS, (Seven),  1.  Da 9:24- “Seventy sevens are decreed; 9:25- will be seven sevens and sixty-two sevens; 9:26- the sixty-two sevens, “The Anointed” SEVENTH (Seven) 1.  Gen 2:2 -by the seventh day God had finished;   2.  Ex 20:10- but the seventh day is a Sabbath; 23:11- …but during the seventh year let the land lie; 23:12- but on the seventh day do not work.  3.  Heb 4:4- “And on the seventh day God rested” (ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE REFERENCED AND MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE)

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