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Sunfish/ Bluegill

Sunfish/ Bluegill

This print is from the original acrylic.  It is available in an 11x14 limited signed edition and an 8x10 signed only edition.
  • Artist's Comments

    I have spent many a fine day in pursuit of this little trophy.  Every farm pond in America has a multitude of these beauties, and lots of kids and grownups trying to catch them.  There are many different varieties of this species, and their coloration differs from fish to fish it seems.  I have caught my limit many times and there never seemed to be the same color in the basket.  These little guys fight like the dickens and gladden the heart of the true fisherman when that bobber starts to disappear as he tries and sneak away with your bait.  I enjoyed painting him and I hope you enjoy looking at him.

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