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"Shelter Seekers" Buffleheads

"Shelter Seekers" Buffleheads


This giclee print is from the original acrylic by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a signed and numbered limited edition of 175 prints. It comes framed and matted, as shown, 11" x 14".

  • Artist's Comments

    As the storm builds at the end of the day, the small flock of Buffleheads is heading in from the big lakes to seek shelter within the confines of the marsh.  In the marsh they find shelter from the winds, and a safe place to rest up and spend the night far away from the building storm out on the big waters.  I enjoyed painting and recreating this scene of a place where I have spent many a fine day out on the bay where I enjoyed my pursuit of these elusive little ducks.  Buffleheads are a diving duck and what I would call “fast movers”, as they dart in and out of the decoys at a high speed, winging their way past you with a blink of the eye.  They are a beautiful duck, with a distinctive look, and very easy to identify at any distance with their wing markings and “buffed’ head, especially the drakes.  They are not easily seen by most, as they are a diving duck which stays mostly out on the big waters, usually till late evening, where they always seem to come into the marsh to seek rest.  As a diving duck they feed usually in deeper waters, and I have seen whole flocks dive to feed sometimes all at once, and then a minute later up pops anywhere from 5-25 ducks at one time.  They are a joy to see, and I have spent my entire life out on the water chasing after them.  I hope those of you who collect this picture, enjoy it as much as I did in creating it, a great memory from a time ago, and as I have always stated, “May They Always Fly”, DFH.

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