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Ruffed Grouse Head Study

Ruffed Grouse Head Study

This print is from the original acrylic by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a limited edition.
  • Artist's Comments

    The Ruffed Grouse is an elusive bird that habits the woodlands of the North Country.  They are a really beautiful wood land habitant's and I enjoy hearing the males drum in the spring and fall calling out to their lady friends.  While walking down wooded trails it is always fun and startling to hear one of these birds burst from where ever it is they are sitting and head up into the air.  All one ever hears and sees is a burst of sound, that of explosive  beating wings,  accompanied by a stunning blurred image as this little speedster heads for a perch to look down at the invader.  The fall always brings lots of these birds around and it is a real treat to have one or two show up in the backyard, hop up on our deer feeders and enjoy a "beak full" of some of the corn on it.  I have chosen to render this head study as a work in progress, studying the feather patterns and the subtle colors that this bird is completely washed in.  I enjoyed the challenge of painting this head study and hope that you may also find something within this rendition that appeals to you.

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