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Ruby-throated Hummingbird Female

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Female

This print is from the original acrylic. It is available framed in an 8x10 limited signed edition of 950. It is also available framed in an 11x16 collage with the female Ruby-throat.
  • Artist's Comments

    These back yard beauties are such a thrill to see.  Each year I really enjoy seeing their return to the hanging flower pots.  They are the busiest little birds I seem to see each year.  They fly around and make that buzzing sound that is so distinctive; it always catches my attention.  Once they become used to you being there, they seem to become fearless in their never-ending quest for the nectar they eat.  This bird is a real challenge to paint, as he doesn’t sit still very long.  I have seen them in the trees, perched on a small branch; you have to look really close to spot them.  It is then that the small bird looks real, in the air they seem to resemble a large bee, but once they stop, well let’s just say, they look like a bird again.  I really enjoyed painting these guys, and I hope you enjoy them as much.

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