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Ring-necked Pheasant Head Study

Ring-necked Pheasant Head Study


This print is from the original oil, and it is available in a limited and open edition.

  • Artist's Comments

    The ring-necked pheasant is certainly the gaudiest game bird of North America.  It is also one of the hardiest and most adaptable and therefore the most successful of the many importations that have been tried.  He is a colorful bird and has a long tail feather, which is sort of a trophy among hunters.  I can remember many an opening day, at 10:00 in the morning, when the season began.  The air was filled with excitement, as the dogs and the hunters took a field in search of this elusive bird.  I was only 12 on my first hunt and can still remember it to this day.  It seemed we walked a long way before our first rise and during the rest of the day the air was full of the sound of roosters exploding into the air.  Truly a challenge to find, this bird is still elusive, and just as beautiful as when I first saw him.  This head study is a small tribute to him which I enjoyed attempting, I hope you also enjoy this portrayal of this magnificent game bird.

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