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Resting Canvasbacks - Pencil

Resting Canvasbacks - Pencil


This print is from the original pencil drawing. It is available in a signed & numbered limited edition.

  • Artist's Comments

    It’s the middle of the day, and the pair of peaceful “Cans” are just chilling out and taking a little rest. Ducks, like people, also enjoy catching a little cat nap when they can, and these canvasbacks are no different. I had observed this pair of birds one day, actually at Bush Gardens, in Florida, while on a little vacation. It struck me how calm and peaceful they looked just resting away and sort of gave me the idea to try and recreate the moment and scene. I hope that those of you who would elect to own a copy of this picture can identify with that mood and moment I was trying to capture. When it comes to the canvasback duck, they are penned as “The King of Ducks” and I can only say that “may they always fly”.

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