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Peaceful Pair, Canvasbacks

Peaceful Pair, Canvasbacks

This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer.  It is available in an 11x14 signed limited edition or an 8x10 signed only edition.
  • Artist's Comments

    Each year that I pursue waterfowl, I always seem to wish as most hunters do, to get a chance at a pair of canvasbacks.  A few years back I had just that opportunity and this pair of birds flew into my rig and landed on the outside of the spread.  It was really a nice calm day, you know the term “bluebird day”, and the kind of day you just seem to get nothing but lots of shut eye.  Well I had my chance and as I raised the gun I though what a great and regal sight this pair made.  Well they began swimming steadily away from me, straight away actually, and I guess you could say that I lost my opportunity to shoot.  As they widened the distance between me and the rig of decoys they landed in, I felt a sense of royalty as I watched them.  It was as if they knew I just wasn’t going to shoot, as I was mesmerized by the scene and the moment, just the whole ball of wax.  So I know for sure that there are at least one lucky pair of can’s out there today floating around.  Sure, next time, they better be on their guard and watch out, but this time, well that sense of royalty and serenity took over.  I have since tried to convey that moment and memory to canvas for others to enjoy. I hope that you can find something within this portrayal that will awaken or stir your memory, or at least give you an awareness of that pair of the majestic Canvasbacks, the true “King of Ducks”.  ”May they always fly.”

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