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This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a limited edition and open edition.
  • Artist's Comments

    I really enjoy seeing these friendly little birds each and every time.  They are always so busy.  Hearing their little sound seems to alert me to their presence as much as seeing them.  They have boundless energy as they go up and down the tree branches or to the feeder, never lingering very long, as if to say they have lots more work to do.  The nuthatch is one of my favorite backyard friends, and I hope one of yours also.  I have portrayed both the white-breasted and red-breasted nuthatch, with the white-breasted being more common.  Spending time watching and sketching them is always a pleasure for me, if only they would just hold still longer and stop jumping from branch to branch! Well, I guess that’s what makes them fun to watch.

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