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More Adventures of Cubby the Bear (Book 2)

More Adventures of Cubby the Bear (Book 2)


Children's Paperback Book, 15 pages, printed on heavy stock plated paper. Cover, title page and first 3 pages shown. Appropriate for Ages 1-100! Price includes shipping- multiple purchase discount available- $9 a book for up to 4 books (includes shipping). Contact us to get discount prices on multiple book purchases and if you are interested in purchasing more than 4 books.

  • Book Details

    The second book about Cubby is here! More Adventures of Cubby the Bear, by Daniel F. Heuer,  is a children's paperback book inspired by a true experience from his backyard of an orphaned Black Bear Cub. All illustration and pictures are originals taken by the Author/Artist/Photographer. Each book has an original signature over the title page illustration by the author.  Unique children's book, 15 pages, both colorful and educational, with nature identification for a great learning experience. 

    New characters joining Cubby are:  Bushy Tail, the Coyote; Gobbler, the Turkey; Camo, the Ruffed Grouse; Red Breast, the Robin; and Olive, the Mourning Dove.   Perfect size to carry around, brilliant photos that are colorful, printed on heavy stock plated paper.  Appropriate for Ages 1-100!  

    Attention- all Grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, this is that perfect book/gift for all those young ones who love to be read to.

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