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Grouse & Woodcock Head Study Collage

Grouse & Woodcock Head Study Collage


This print is a collage of two original acrylic paintings, by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a limited edition. It is framed and matted as shown, outer frame dimensions are approximately 13"x18"

  • Artist's Comments

    Ruffed Grouse

    The ruffed grouse is natures best at the art of camouflage.  The bird walks briskly throughout the forest and is nearly undetectable.  I had the pleasure to enjoy seeing a grouse displaying his tail full out and it was this encounter that I have tried to recreate.  I have spent a lot of fall days walking through the woods in my pursuit of this bird, but really mostly just getting out enjoying the woods. It always seems to me that the most I ever get to see of him is the sound of thunder as he explodes out of the underbrush and just disappears.  Oh well, it was fun, and then again there is always another day to try and track him down.


    This little “football” shaped bird is a pure delight to see on the ground or in the air.  He is usually very hard to see while sitting on the ground, as his camouflage pattern blends in almost perfectly with the forest floor.  Those who pursue him also fondly call him “timber doodle”.  Feeding on worms in the tag alters is a favorite place to find him, and insomuch that he is a migratory bird, when the frost comes, he goes south.  I really enjoy walking the woods and trails and looking for him, and on those rare occasions when I find him in the open, well let’s just say I just watch until he leaves.  I hope you enjoy this small head study portrayal, as much as I enjoyed sketching him.


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