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Green-winged Teal Head Study

Green-winged Teal Head Study


This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a signed & numbered limited edition of 175 giclee prints. It comes framed and matted in an 11x14 wood frame.

  • Artist's Comments

    The green-winged teal is frequently found on the ponds formed by beaver dams. The green-winged teal is one of the smallest North American ducks. The male ranks second only to the wood duck in beauty of plumage. His head and neck are rich cinnamon brown. There is a wide, bright iridescent green stripe on his head. The green-winged teal is a puddle duck that can take off amazingly fast by jumping directly into the air. It is a strong flyer, but it is not as fast as is commonly thought, mostly because of its small size it gives the illusion of speed. This duck is a hardy bird and leaves its wintering grounds long before the ice has melted on the more northern ponds. In the fall, the green-winged teal is loath to leave its breeding ground. Storms and cold weather may make the ducks restless, but it is only the icing up of the inland waters that forces them to take to the wing and head for warmer climates in a search for open water. They are a joy to watch flying by and each time I see them I must marvel at their beauty.

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