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Evening Grosbeak Photo Collage

Evening Grosbeak Photo Collage

Photographs taken by Daniel F. Heuer.  Sold framed as shown, 10x15, in a signed limited edition of 175 pieces.
  • Artist's Comments

    This bird is colorful and loves to descend on the feeders and clean them out in large flocks!  They are a joy to watch when they come around, and usually come in large numbers to a platform feeder.  Sunflower seeds are certainly their favorite and they can clean off a feeder in just a blink of an eye, or so it seems.  The male has just brilliant colors, with the female being more subdued, yet still in all colorful.  I really enjoy seeing them come around, as they are noisy when they are eating, and fight between themselves for that favorite seed they are after.  They are costly to keep around, as they do really eat constantly it seems, but that is the price for that rainbow of color they bring to the feeders. 

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