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"Evening Glow", Chickadees

"Evening Glow", Chickadees

This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a limited edition and open edition.
  • Artist's Comments

    One warm summer evening, I observed this pair of chickadees sitting there seemingly enjoying the same sunset as I was.  I was struck by the way the sun reflected off of them and how they just seemed to be awash with a warm golden glow.  I always enjoy taking the time to watch the different song birds in their natural environment, and especially when they seem to be at peace with themselves and the world.  This pair of chickadees seemed to be very content.  They weren’t doing their usual hopping from branch to branch, always on a dead run so to speak.  That is what seemed to catch my attention, their tranquility, as much as their beauty.  Taking a moment to reflect and enjoy your surroundings is very important, and these two little beauties sure have helped to teach me this lesson.  I have always enjoyed trying to capture a moment that I have experienced, and this picture is of one of those moments for me.  I hope that those of you, who elect to have a copy, will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it

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