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Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird

This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer.  It is available in an 11x14 limited signed edition of 175 prints, and an 8x10 signed only edition.
  • Artist's Comments

    Perched upon the apple branches and eagerly awaiting a new nesting site, this pair of Eastern Bluebirds adds such color to any fence row.  I have had the pleasure to see a pair of such beauties several times in the past.  The sight of them is always a thrilling one and they seem to bring a sense of joy into the observer’s day.  So for now, spring is here and they sure seem to announce it with all their beautiful colors.  The Eastern Bluebird is certainly a favorite among bird watchers.  Called the bird of good fortune, I only know that they are a wonderful sight to see in all their splendid colors.  This beautiful bird is a favorite of many people and is eagerly awaited in the spring after a long cold winter.  I know that I can certainly identify with that.  Found mainly in the open woodlands and farmlands with scattered trees, these little blue gems are quite a sight to see hoping from blossom to fence to blossom again.  They seem to be very active and for sure full of life.  The erection of many artificial nest boxes in recent years seems to be helping to increase their population.  And once again where we have taken the time to help out nature, we can readily see results.  This will insure that future generations will also be able to share in also seeing such a beautiful little bird.  I hope that those of you who elect to own a copy of this rendition enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

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