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Cinnamon Teal Head Study

Cinnamon Teal Head Study


This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a signed & numbered limited edition, framed and matted in an 11x14 wood frame.

  • Artist's Comments

    The naming of the cinnamon teal has led to quite a bit of confusion.  Its commonly accepted English name of “cinnamon” is most apt.  However, the latter part of its Latin name cyanoptera means “blue-winged,” and again this is most apt.  But the bird cannot be called the blue-winged teal because there is already a duck with this common name.  Well now although it is a confusing situation, mostly because the wing patterns are pretty close in appearance, the overall color of the rich chestnut-cinnamon color of the drake seems to serve the purpose to the layman.  The cinnamon teal is strictly a western duck; it is almost never seen as far east as the Mississippi River.  I have had the experience to see and observe them when on a western hunting trip for big game.  When I first saw them in the wild I was so impressed by their beauty, as with all teal their size and coloring is outstanding.  All the teal are good, strong fliers, and the cinnamon teal is no exception.  It is only during migration that this teal flies in fairly large flocks.  Most of the time it is found flying only in single family groups. 

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