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This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer.  It is available in a signed edition and open edition.
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    The small pair of buffleheads swims peacefully by, yet ever so alert even within the confines of the marsh.  These birds are a joy to watch, especially in the early spring when they return from their winter resting grounds.  During this period they seem to fatten up and play, putting on a real show, which has earned them the nickname of “Butterballs”.  They are small agile flyers, dipping and darting across the water in their spring courtship rituals.  Usually an open water bird, these diving ducks can be seen on most lakes in the spring, as they wing north to the breeding grounds.  Then they are a late arrival for the migration south in the fall and when they show up it is usually in large flocks and full color.  I have enjoyed my pursuit of them both in the field and with brushes. 

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