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Broken Silence, Whitetail

Broken Silence, Whitetail


This print is from an original acrylic by Daniel F. Heuer. It is available in a limited edition and an open edition.

  • Artist's Comments

    The distant cries of the startled geese carry on the wind as the big swamp buck freezes by the broken silence in his domain.  Considered the wisest of all the woodland creatures he is stealth by nature and a true challenge to get close to.  Many a woodsman has felt his or her heart pound loudly with great expectations when his majesty has crossed their path in his noble pursuit.  “I have pursued the noble whitetail since I was first taken to the woods, by my father at age 14.  During all the years to follow, my respect and admiration has truly grown towards this magnificent animal.  The “General”, in this rendition, as I have so fondly named him, personifies that moment before his fate has been determined.  I can give him no greater honor then to bring him to life once again, with my brush, knowing that he will always live in my heart and the hearts of all those who pursue him”. -Daniel F. Heuer

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