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Blue Jay Photo Collage

Blue Jay Photo Collage

Photograghs taken by Daniel F. Heuer.  Sold framed as shown 10x15 in a signed limited edition of 175 pieces.
  • Artist's Comments

    Yes, the Blue Jay is a feeder bully, and yes they make lots of noise, but face it, they are truly a colorful bird and always welcomed at out feeders.  We have them invade us through out most of the year and I always enjoy seeing them, they are the "big guys" of the feeders and all the other birds know it.  Either way they are here to stay, and we love to see them show up bullying, noise and all! As with most other blue-hued birds, the Blue Jay's coloration is not derived from pigments but is the result of light interference due to the internal structure of the feathers; if a blue feather is crushed, the blue disappears as the structure is destroyed.  This is referred to as structural.

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