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Black Ducks

Black Ducks

This print is from the original oil by Daniel F. Heuer.  It is available in a limited edition and open edition.
  • Artist's Comments

    The pair of “Black Ducks”, which are about to settle effortlessly onto the small marsh pond by the edge of the woods, are becoming rare. With its warm hues casting in every direction, the sun colors the end of yet another fall day.  Black Ducks (Anas Rubripes) are considered the most intelligent, the wariest and the wildest of all ducks.  The big orange legs were always some of the last travelers to come down from northern Canada. There is a slight difference between male and female usually only noticeable on the color of the bill, with the males being more yellow and the females being more olive green in appearance.  “I have hunted waterfowl all of my life and to get close to the big orange legs all has to be right.  They are as smart as they come and a true challenge to fool.  The big orange legs are a symbol of independence and represent a true legacy to waterfowl.  I have tried to render them to show the true beauty and elegance they display.”   Daniel F. Heuer

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