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Chickadee Photo Collage

Chickadee Photo Collage

Photographs taken by Daniel F. Heuer.  Sold framed as shown 10x15 in a signed limited edition of 175 pieces.
  • Artist's Comments

    What’s not to love by these favorites of every bird watcher in the country.  They dance around the trees and land on the feeders and just visit for a second or two before they pick up a seed and dash off to enjoy it somewhere out of sight.  They are so friendly that they will land on your hand if you stand still and fill it with seed; they are so filled with trust.  I have always enjoyed seeing them year round and especially like having an opportunity to capture them with my camera from time to time and catch them in so many unusual positions’.  I really like to have these little guys around, they just seem to make any day I see them seem just a little more friendly!

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